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Helping People To Move On

An inspiring “Helping People To Move On” workshop for those who currently feel they are stuck in a rut & wish to move on with life.

Learn, in this 1-day engaging and practical

Workshop on how you can:

  • Build rapport and communicate positively with those you wish to help.
  • Ask the right questions and elicit the appropriate response for change to happen plan for success.
  • Help those constrained by past bad experience to move on


This workshop is for you if you are seeking to:

* Pick up life changing skills for your benefits

* Help those who matter to you

* Add value to yourself as a person who helps others to make a difference in their lives


About the Trainer:

Your trainer, Eric Yap, is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (“LCCH”) and a Master Practitioner in NLP from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. He is a lecturer and trainer with the Malaysian chapter of LCCH where he trains students on clinical hypnosis. He is also engaged in intervention work related to sleep disorder, stress management, weight management, phobia, inner conflict resolutions and goal settings.


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