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Integrative Medicine Symposium, Pantai Hospital

Designed to showcase how practitioners of mainstream medicine and mind-body such as clinical hypnosis can work together to support patient-centered care.

Integrative medicine places the patient at the heart of the treatment model. Patients benefit by having access to bio-medical interventions and a wide range of treatments that help them cope with the impact of the illness.  

Clinical hypnosis was discussed for its role in pain chronic management, treatment of cancer patients, as an adjunct to surgery. The research demonstrates improvement in patient satisfaction, duration of procedures and recovery time and enhanced patient positive affect.

Other topics included the role clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy may play in increased efficacy in flu vaccination, coping with IBS and better satisfaction from mothers in childbirth. 

There were over 70 participants amongst the medical and public attendees and many described the symposium as exciting and informative. 

Dr Alan Soh and Ms Sheila Menon of The London College of Clinical Hypnosis tells us more about what integrative medicine really is all about. Hear their interview at BFM Radio which was broadcasted on 25th October 2016.


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